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798 - Real Men Steward Well

Season #1

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God calls us to steward what we are given...but it's not the easiest thing to do, and I don't think many of us are crushing it in this area of life. Today I'm going to break down the 3 "rules" of stewarding our relationships, wellbeing, and resources well.

In this episode, I discuss:

1:18 Stewardship is so important...but we're not being great stewards

3:12 Where making the world a better place starts

3:41 The 3 things we need to steward: Relationships, Wellbeing, Resources

7:00 Rule 1 of Stewarding: Faithfulness

8:53 Rule 2 of Stewarding: Gratitude

10:29 Rule 3 of Stewarding: Demand an increase

12:25 Putting this into action in your life

Resources Mentioned:

Episode 620 - Josh Khachadourian

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