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796 - How To Quit Porn In The Next 120 Days

Season #1

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I know for a fact that you can quit porn in the next 120 days, because that's exactly what we help our clients do. Today, I want to give you my 6 step framework for quitting pornography so that you can get a head start, whether you are just finally ready to break free, or if you have a deadline coming up that you really want to quit by.

At the end, I'll tell you how to truly stack the odds in your favour, because this is NOT easy stuff.

In this episode, I discuss:

0:40 Use your Instagram for something useful! (Follow me at the link below)

1:50 A masterclass on how to quit pornography in the next 120 days

3:17 Step 1: Be unbelievably intentional and committed

5:01 Step 2: You won't do this on your own (especially in 120 days)

5:53 Step 3: Build self-awareness and establish emotional fitness

7:06 Step 4: Take a look at your past (but only long enough to learn)

8:58 Step 5: Shift your identity

10:00 Step 6: Plug into community

10:48 How to truly stack the odds in your favour

12:00 The one thing that matters more than anything else in hiring outside help

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