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788 - How To Convince Your Husband He Needs Help

Season #1

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One of the most common questions I get is from wives asking how they can support their husbands in recovery. Usually they're asking, "How can I convince my husband that he needs help?" Or sometimes the husband is already in recovery, and they're not sure how best to support or navigate the relationship.

So ladies, this one is for you.

And men...stick around to the end of the episode, I have something important for you to hear.

In this episode, I discuss:

1:40 Answering one of the most common questions from the ladies who listen to the podcast!

4:50 The first hard truth you have to accept

7:48 What to do instead...the question to ask yourself

9:18 The second layer of support you can offer

10:07 What to do if your husband isn't on the recovery journey

12:23 A message to the men listening (about your wife)

Resources Mentioned:

The Last Relapse (Free Book!)

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