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755 - Aaron Smith on Repairing A Sexless Marriage, Building A Marriage After God, and Why The Enemy Targets Our Purity

Season #1

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Aaron Smith joins us to share his profound journey from struggling with pornography and a sexless marriage to establishing a ministry that champions marital unity and purity. His story is a testament to God's redemptive power, offering hope and actionable insights for men seeking to rebuild their relationships and walk in faith.

Aaron is a devoted husband, father, pastor, and bestselling author, and has dedicated his life to strengthening marriages and leading people to Christ. Co-founding an online marriage ministry with his wife Jennifer, they share grace and biblical wisdom through social media channels, impacting hundreds of thousands.

Now a pastor of a thriving home church in Central Oregon, Aaron's passion lies in fostering a revolutionary revival in husbands' hearts, rooted in his unwavering belief in the transformative power of God's Word.

In this episode, we discuss:

[00:00] Introduction to Aaron and the episode

[04:40] Working together in business and ministry as a husband and wife team

[08:05] The journey from a challenging start to embracing parenthood and finding God's purpose in marriage

[10:10] The pivotal role of spiritual and physical healing in overcoming sexual challenges and pornography addiction

[14:40] Struggling through periods when sex is painful for your wife and you're turning to unhealthy coping mechanisms

[17:08] The importance of sexual intimacy within marriage and the biblical perspective on mutual consent and desire

[26:05] Unpacking the concept of "Marriage After God" and the significance of viewing marriage as a ministry

[37:41] Practical advice for men wanting to lead their families spiritually and embrace their ministry within their marriage

[44:01] What truly heals us in pornography addiction

[52:09] The Marriage Gift 365-day devotional

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