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753 - Q&A: Triggers, Intimacy, and Deliverance with Sathiya and Shawn

Season #1

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We're live with our first Q&A episode with Sathiya and Shawn! 

This is your opportunity to get free coaching from Sathiya and head Deep Clean coach Shawn Bonneteau by submitting your question (link below). Plus, hear questions from others in the community who are on their own recovery journey...chances are you're in a similar place and could benefit from the answers we give on this show.

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In this episode, we discuss:

2:26 Intro to Shawn and what God is doing in his life

6:40 Adjusting from one to two kids

9:56 Emotionally healthy communication with your children

13:56 Rupture and repair

19:20 Trends that we're seeing in clients' recovery journeys

21:33 Question 1: Taking control of triggers (including in the shower)

29:48 Question 2: How do you understand concepts like truth and intimacy when you've conditioned yourself to view them as something they aren't, like white lies?

36:15 Question 3: Why didn't a deliverance prayer fully heal me?

43:00 Wrap up and request

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