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750 - Dr Kris Sargent on Reasons For Low Testosterone In Men, Why Men Should Eat More Protein and Why Mental Health Starts In The Gut

Season #1

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Dr. Kris Sargent joins me as we explore the crucial links between diet, testosterone levels, sleep, and mental health. Discover actionable insights on enhancing your physical and spiritual well-being through simple, yet powerful lifestyle adjustments.

In this episode, we discuss:

[00:00] Introduction to Dr. Kris Sargent and the intersection of faith and health.
[08:32] Food and movement as the foundational building blocks for health
[11:01] The importance of protein in the morning
[19:04] The critical importance of gut health for mental clarity and emotional stability.
[25:30] How trauma and stress impact your physical health and what you can do about it.
[31:31] The spiritual aspect of health and its role in fulfilling God's calling for your life.
[33:00] Practical tips for incorporating movement into your daily routine and its benefits.
[39:47] The significance of sleep in muscle growth, weight management, and mental health.
[51:25] How to support testosterone health if you're low
[55:22] Macro health trends to consider over the coming years and doing what works for your body

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