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745 - Shane O'Neill on Things We Wish We Knew Before Marriage, Finances In Marriage, and The Importance of Self-Care As A Husband

Season #1

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Returning guest Shane O'Neill joins us on the pod today to talk about the complexities and joys of navigating the early years of marriage. From the challenges of aligning on financial goals to the crucial role of self-care for husbands, we go deep on the personal shares and give practical advice that's worked for us to foster a thriving marriage.

In this episode, we discuss:

[0:00] Intro
[6:10] Overcoming resistance against authority in the earthy realm to submit more fully to God's sovereignty
[14:50] Aggressively eliminating debt early in marriage
[22:26] The importance of building things together as a married couple to increase trust, share values, and communicate well
[28:06] Christ-like self-care as a means to deeper service and love for your wife
[36:33] When the "amazing communicator" script turns out to be the wrong thing in conflict with your wife
[43:10] Teaching your kids to successfully navigate conflict
[46:00] Being humble and coachable in marriage, and finding professional help early
[47:30] Being vulnerable and opening up to friends about challenges you're facing in marriage, without letting pride get in the way

Resources Mentioned

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