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735 - Jim ODay on The Dangers of Celibacy From A Catholic Perspective, Inviting God Into The Bedroom, and Why Recovery Cannot Happen Alone

Season #1

Jim O'Day, Executive Director of Integrity Restored, boasts 25+ years in development, executive management, sales, marketing, and relationship building. With diverse experience spanning consumer products, defense, homeland security, and nonprofits, he excels in creating impactful programs for growth, profitability, and client satisfaction. A Certified Life Coach and expert in sex and pornography addiction recovery, Jim is also a Pastoral Wellness Counselor.

In this episode Jim and Sathiya discuss:
[03:39] Trends in recovery conversation
[05:50] Shift in perception of pornography addiction
[07:19] The three pillars approach
[08:37] Integrity restoration and spiritual life
[09:48] The role of confession in recovery
[14:34] The importance of accountability
[17:27] Challenges in addressing pornography in the church
[21:56] Celibacy and its impact
[23:11] The power of celibacy
[25:07] Perceptions of the Catholic Church
[27:12] Training spiritual leaders
[27:49] Certification program for clergy
[33:08] Understanding the science of addiction
[36:11] Future strategies and political action

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