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730 - Chris Baden on Productivity Boosts From Quitting Porn, Why Waiting Works, and God's Definition of Success

Season #1

Chris Baden, based in Henderson, Nevada, is the CEO and Co-Founder of Flowchat. Going beyond his corporate successes, Chris ardently advocates for the significance of lifelong marriage and family, considering them the cornerstone of his personal and professional accomplishments.

In this episode Chris and Sathiya discuss:
[00:00] Chris Baden's family background.
[02:19] Parenthood reflections and family life.
[03:32] Decision to wait for marriage.
[05:45] Chris' mindset shift from pornography experience.
[14:29] Power of surrender and desire management.
[19:45] Waiting for marriage and handling desires.
[21:42] Productivity journey.
[24:10] Success and overcoming pornography.
[30:56] Productivity insights and surrender.
[40:21] Defining success and surrender process.
[43:14] Managing Dopamine strategies.

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