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670 - Jim Ramos on The 4 Phases of Fatherhood, Why "Good Enough" Is Better Than Perfection, and The Importance of Being A Present Father

Season #1

Jim Ramos, founder of Men in the Arena in McMinnville, Oregon, aims to empower men to become their best selves in Christ and make a positive impact on their world. He's a renowned speaker, podcaster, and author with a passion for God's Word and engaging storytelling. Jim's books include Strong Men Dangerous Times and more. He embraces life with courage, following Jesus' promise in John 10:10. He enjoys hunting, fitness, tropical vacations, and meaningful conversations over Cafe Americano.

In this episode Jim Ramos and Sathiya discuss:
[00:00] The four phases of fatherhood
[06:38] Focusing on marriage for the sake of children
[06:44] The need for information on fatherhood
[09:16] The blame game and victim mentality
[09:51] Father wound and father trauma
[11:23] Accepting responsibility for one's actions
[19:11] Father Fidelis: Showing Up for Your Family
[23:47] Sinking Deep Roots: Stability and Security
[26:54] Father Figure: Being a Role Model
[28:25] The importance of Christian community
[29:20] Framing spouses positively
[30:18] The impact of fathers as role models
[38:00] Phase 1: Father Son/Father Daughter
[39:16] Phase 2: Father Asking for Help
[40:47] Phase 3: Leisure Time with Adult Children
[48:04] The importance of time in fatherhood
[48:38] The phases of fatherhood
[53:52] Navigating different phases with multiple children

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