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665 - Graham Cochrane on Radical Generosity, Making Money Unashamedly, and Experiencing Real Fulfillment In Life

Season #1

Graham Cochrane is the author of "How to Get Paid for What You Know" and is a business coach to over 3,500 premium customers worldwide. He founded The Recording Revolution, a 7-figure online music business, in 2009. He now hosts over 80,000+ monthly followers on his podcast, YouTube channel, and blog, talking about business, mindset, productivity, and psychology. Graham has been featured in Business Insider, Yahoo! and The Huffington Post. 

In this episode Graham Cochrane and Sathiya discuss:
[04:03] Graham talks music passion and career choice.
[05:23] Dad's job dissatisfaction influences Graham's career path.
[06:08] College reluctance, audio engineering compromise.
[08:27] Graham's freelance journey during the 2009 recession.
[09:11] YouTube channel turns into a teaching platform.
[10:31] Recession struggles, food stamps, and seeking assistance.
[16:37] Graham's business model: free content, YouTube trust, email sales.
[19:05] Value-driven content for credibility, organic growth.
[23:05] Scaling from 32 to 5 working hours with profit.
[24:57] Empowering confidence alongside teaching.
[25:35] Uncertain start of an audio recording blog.
[27:05] Embracing imposter syndrome and pushing through.
[32:50] Balancing work, family, health, and hobbies.
[35:07] Freedom in adjusting work for personal life.
[39:28] Pitfalls of creating courses without audience understanding.
[41:53] Engaging with the audience reveals their preferences.
[44:03] Consistency builds success trail for algorithms and viewers.
[46:46] Platforms favor consistent creators, audience stays engaged.
[47:36] Consistent posting builds trust and engagement.
[48:25] Evergreen video content for lasting leads.
[50:08] Fulfillment from giving to others.

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