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630 - Chris Borghese on Building Intimacy At Breakfast First, Then The Bedroom, The Trust-Like Paradox In Marriage, and How You Say Something Matters

Season #1

Chris Borghese is the President and co-founder of Marriage Insights Institute. He is a Certified Marriage Relationship & Behavioral Consultant and ordained Pastor. Chris has a calling and a passion to see marriages transformed by applying a practical and revolutionary personality mentoring training. He has helped hundreds of individuals and couples get the freedom and transformation they desire. Chris resides in the Austin, Texas area with his beautiful bride Tara of 30 years and has 3 adult children and 2 grandchildren.

In this episode Chris Borghese and Sathiya discuss:

[03:52] Chris shares his struggle with pornography and its impact on marriage.
[08:08] How honesty led to breakthrough and problem-solving.
[11:49] Importance of confession and honesty in relationships.
[14:40] Navigating differences in personality profiles.
[19:55] Understanding relationships through human behavior.
[21:05] Eliminating the need for external pleasures.
[23:47] Men as spiritual leaders and showing love in tough times.
[29:41] Creating a safe space for open conversations.
[34:26] The significance of commitment in marriage.
[39:36] The role of male friendships in personal growth.
[40:20] Authenticity in relationships.
[41:38] Continuous self-improvement.
[46:31] Prioritizing a strong marriage for raising children.

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