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625 - Jon Gordon on The One Truth, How To Combat Anxiety, and Why Everything In Life Is Connected

In this interview, the Sathiya Sam welcomes John Gordon, an author and positive psychology pioneer, to discuss his book "The One Truth." The book explores the concept of oneness with God and others as a way to overcome feelings of isolation, addiction, and anxiety. Gordon shares personal experiences, including his journey towards healing in his marriage, emphasizing the importance of honesty, community, and embracing the healing process. He encourages individuals to seek connection and truth, both with themselves and with a higher power, for ultimate healing and transformation.

In this episode John Gordon and Sathiya discuss:
(2:25) Inspiration behind the book.
(4:52) What does it mean to be one with God?
(8:29) Oneness vs. separateness.
(11:28) How addiction is like a drug of addiction.
(13:37) The creator of the universe.
(15:41) A powerful story about the separation between marriage and divorce.
(18:40) A prayer that changed our marriage.
(21:22) Sharing your wounds.

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