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430 - Dr. Trish Leigh on How To Rewire Your Brain, The 4 Ds of Dopamine, and Why Self Awareness Is Everything In Recovery

Season #1 Episode #430

Considered an innovative, multi-disciplined thought leader, Dr. Trish Leigh has mission is to inspire you to heal your brain to live your best authentic life. As a double-PhD Cognitive Neuroscientist, Dr. Leigh is on a mission to help people overcome anxiety, attention, and internet addiction issues that drain your brain and energy. She helps people get unstuck and back on track through online education, powerful digital programs, remote neurofeedback and private sessions. In this episode today, Dr. Trish explains: -Why porn addiction is REAL even if academics and researchers disagree -The destructive impact of pornography on the brain's development in adolescence -How brain waves play a role in our understanding of brain health (and practical ways you can improve this area) -Why dopamine is significant for pleasure-seeking, and why we are left feeling numb after we get a "hit" -The 4 D's of dopamine (drip, deluge, drown, and dip) -The reason porn is both a stimulus and relaxant for the brain -How your brain rewires and why it is ALWAYS possible -The process of unwiring, rewiring and hardwiring your brain in recovery -Practical first steps someone can take to further their brain's development and rewire it properly -Why watching "The Crown" is helping Dr. Trish's brain stay healthy and thriving This fascinating conversation will help you better understand why your brain is stuck in cycles and what is required for you form new pathways. Five Terms Used In This Podcast That You May Not Be Familiar With: Neuroplasticity: The brain's ability to change and form new pathways and connections Dopamine: A chemical in the brain that is vital for reward and pleasure seeking BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor): A chemical in the brain associated with learning, memory and new connections Neo-Homeostasis: The process of creating a "new norm" for the brain/body Therapeutic Alliance: The relationship between a health practitioner and their patients/clients

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