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Help Sathiya Launch The Last Relapse!

Help with the launch of Sathiya's debut book, The Last Relapse, by joining his book army.

Members of the book army will be the first to receive updates on the launch, chapter 1 of the book, and Accelerate Your Recovery, an exclusive audio teaching series, in exchange for a few practical tasks that will have a huge impact on the book's release.

What's Required of You:

The book is coming out February 2, 2022. From now until then, the main goal is to create buzz around the book and spread the word as much as possible. This will be done using standard methods like media appearances, advertising, etc., but for this to be truly successful – more is required.

This is where you come in.

The book army's role is to do their part to spread the word and advocate for the book wherever and whenever possible.

Specifically, there are three things required of the book army:

  1. Pre-order the book when it becomes available (you'll be notified)

  2. Leave a review for the book on Amazon (and other platforms if you'd like)

  3. Spread the word about the book as much as you are willing

In Exchange You'll Receive...

  1. First updates – You'll be notified by email as the book progresses through the pre-launch phase. This will include media appearances (TV & podcast), first look, and several other exciting parts of the launch process.
  2. Chapter 1 of The Last Relapse - The opening chapter that lays the framework for the recovery process and details some of Sathiya's personal experiences helping men get free of pornography.
  3. Accelerate Your Recovery (Teaching Series) – Exclusive series outlining recovery secrets, including keys for conquering lust, having a healthy thought life, and building emotional fitness.

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